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An Expert Court Reporter

// July 23rd, 2009 // No Comments » // Legal Positions

reporterThere are number of attributes which will make for the perfect court reporter. Some   of the best attributes that a good reporter must possess is professionalism and accuracy .so it is important for you to make sure that the reporter you hire to work on trial, deposition or other business matter to have all these qualities in them. However, there are some aspects which you will never face while appointing a court reporter. Some of these qualities are:

1)      They know the value of time. So they don’t waste your time. They will be present on time without fail

2)      They will maintain a fast pace. They practice the craft at high speed typing, so that their eye and ear are tuned to maintain the standard expected from them.

3)      Even at such a fast pace, they are very accurate. It is very difficult to find a mistake in their transcript. They can provide you flawless record.

4)      Their valuable skills are used even outside the court wall who help to provide official records of depositions, arbitration hearings and other key legal proceedings

5)      You may need them at a very short notice, but they will be at your service.